Draft Cleaning Service

Draft Cleaning Service

As a draught service provider, you play a critical role in keeping draught beer lines clean to help an establishment maintain brewery-fresh flavor.

The number one factor affecting draught beer quality is poor hygiene. Whether you provide line cleaning service for a brewer, wholesaler or retailer, you must be vigilant in making sure lines are cleaned properly and regularly. Poor hygiene and improper cleaning and/or rinsing will result in loss of sales and reflects poorly on the entire industry.

Our mission is to provide the community with high quality craft beer wherever, whenever. Whether it's the local food truck event, one of the many awesome Northern Nevada special events, or a private party, we can be there pouring amazing beer. But we don't stop there.

While we provide the community with great beer, we also are giving back to the people who live here. We are deeply involved with the local charities. In fact, a portion of every single drop we pour will be donated to a local charity, for every event. The chosen charity will be rotated monthly to make sure everyone gets some love.

With capabilities for beer, liquor, and wine, "ON TAP". is a full service mobile bar geared toward bringing craft quality to Northern Nevada. "ON TAP".. Drink with a purpose.

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ON TAP provides the latest techniques and equipment available to ensure you get the most from your draft system.

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