Catering Services


Catering Services

Herein "ON TAP". we provide high class catering services for all our clients.  We have more than 10years of experience in the beer catering services, our staff is always punctual, professional, and have great customer service. Your party deserves the best beer along with the best catering customer service and you can find that here on "ON TAP".

We understand that punctuality is one of the most important factor when hosting an event; don’t take the risk of hiring a unprofessional company with bad customer service and lack of punctuality. When you hire "ON TAP". you can rest in the thought that your catering staff will be punctual, professional, and serving the best quality when it comes to beer.

Call our number today if you wish to get a free estimate on our catering services. We are more than available to cater your event with high quality services and competitive prices. "ON TAP". is here to exceed your expectations in customer services and beer quality! Calls us now!

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ON TAP provides the latest techniques and equipment available to ensure you get the most from your draft system.

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